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  • ITSMA Featured Research: The Rise of Thought Leadership

    Not only is developing new and more targeted thought leadership one of marketers’ top priorities for 2010, but it is also becoming more important to their marketing strategy.

    by Katie Espinola February 8, 2010 Read more
  • Five B2B Marketing Trends for 2010

    We’re prepared to bet on the growth of these five trends in 2010. We’ll be discussing these and other ideas at our online briefing on January 26, New Routes to Marketing Innovation: ITSMA’s 2010 State of the Profession Address.

    by Chris Koch January 6, 2010 Read more
  • Case Study: How Fujitsu Services Uses Segmentation to Prioritise Sales Opportunities

    The goal of the effort was simple: Win bigger deals more often by focusing on the most important opportunities and by building longer-term relationships with a target group of 30–40 companies.

    by Chris Koch Read more
  • ITSMA Featured Research: Will the Cycle Begin Again?

    Looking back on services revenues for the past decade, we see a mirror image of the trends that occurred in the marketing function: a drastic drop at the beginning of the decade, followed by a gradual – though limited – recovery through 2006.

    by Katie Espinola Read more
  • Why You Need Three Different Types of Value Propositions

    Eight out of 10 ITSMA member companies say that they are responding to the current economic uncertainty with this action: modifying value propositions. But this quest is complicated by the long sales cycle in B2B. Indeed, the sales cycle is so long that marketers need three different types of value propositions to span the various stages of the buying process.

    by Julie Schwartz August 6, 2009 Read more
  • Convergence: What Does It Mean for Marketing?

    Since its introduction to the world of ICT in the 1970s, the term “convergence” has come to mean something different to just about everybody you ask: “fixed and mobile,” “voice and data,” “access devices,” “media and entertainment,” “unified communications” . . . the list goes on and on. Too many people, however, consider convergence a technology issue and overlook the wider business implications—including its impact on marketing. At a recent Inner Circle Meeting in London, ITSMA examined the commercial and social implications of convergence to better understand how marketers need to adapt in the face of this trend.

    by IT Services Marketing Association January 8, 2008 Read more
  • Making Partnerships Work: How to "Sell-With," Not "Sell-Through"

    Traditional partnering in the technology space has often focused on the use of partners to extend market reach—using partners in a “sell-through” model. But customers are demanding ever more sophisticated solutions that deliver business results rather than merely solve technology issues. Striking and developing “sell-with” partnerships is not without its challenges, and at an ITSMA Roundtable in Paris last month, a number of European members got together to explore in greater detail best practices for creating successful partnerships.

    by IT Services Marketing Association April 3, 2007 Read more
  • Northrop Grumman Leverages Account-Based Marketing to Win a $2 Billion Deal

    In 2003, the Commonwealth of Virginia announced the $2 billion IT Infrastructure Partnership, the largest IT award in state government. Northrop Grumman knew it was well qualified to do the work, but it had a perception problem to overcome: In Virginia, the company was viewed as a builder of ships, and its depth of experience at both the IT and state levels was not well recognized or understood. It used an ABM strategy to turn things around.

    by IT Services Marketing Association February 1, 2007 Read more
  • CIOs on Trusted Advisors

    Three representatives from the CIO Executive Council joined ITSMA in San Francisco for our April 25-26 Marketing Leadership Forum to discuss the reasons that positioning your company as a trusted advisor may not be the best marketing strategy and what you can do to build true credibility with CIOs.

    by IT Services Marketing Association May 4, 2006 Read more

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