Conversational Marketing: Creating Compelling Customer Connections

  • Author(s) Donna Thach
  • Published September 17, 2018
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Conversational interfaces, which combine natural language and AI, will soon join email and social media as top priorities for B2B marketing, according to Jonathan Copulsky, former chief content officer and principal at Deloitte and author and lecturer at Northwestern University.

Speaking at ITSMA’s 2018 Marketing Leadership Forum, Copulsky described how conversational marketing will be an integral part of the marketing mix within the next two to three years.

In this Viewpoint, Copulsky explains why conversational marketing, though still in its early days, is destined to become a top digital priority for B2B marketers and offers tips for getting started. “It may seem exotic right now to think that conversational interfaces will play such a key role in marketing, but 10 years ago we thought the same way about Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. Today, we all have social media as part of our marketing mix.”

Perhaps most important, according to Copulsky, “Conversational interfaces offer an unparalleled opportunity for us to gain insights about customers. Think about the richness of the conversations we can have with our customers via conversational interfaces as opposed to search…. As marketers, we can start to understand what customers actually ask for. What was the sequence of the questions. These insights allow us to better enable the customer journey.”

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