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B2B Services Marketing: A New Blog Highlighting Research-Based Insights

March 27, 2012

Julie Schwartz, Senior Vice President of Research and Thought Leadership at ITSMA, has been researching, writing, and thinking about B2B services marketing since 1988—so long that she’s seen everything happen at least twice! Now she’s hoping to share her insights with all B2B marketers. In her new blog, B2B Services Marketing, she focuses on the intersection of research and marketing. If you’ve ever met or talked with Julie, you know how passionate she is about research. This passion is the backbone of all the work we do at ITSMA. Julie says, “I would never tell a member what to do because it’s my belief. That’s not good enough. We need to make recommendations based on facts, not opinion.” In the B2B Services Marketing blog, Julie seeks to “pull back the curtain on research.” She’ll share the trends she’s seeing and dig deeper into the data and findings of her research projects. The overall goal, though, is to spark conversations among marketers and researchers. Go to http://b2bservicesmarketing.com to learn more.

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