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Multiclient Brand Tracking Research: The Time Is Now

July 22, 2015

In our many and varied discussions on marketing metrics, one thing is clear: the importance of brand tracking. Yes, it’s been around for a long time, but there are some essential metrics that can only be determined through a brand assessment.

Brand tracking studies provide marketing and other business leaders with a comprehensive snapshot of brand strength, an important leading indicator for the business. Having that knowledge helps direct brand investments, refine messaging, improve differentiation, and gauge progress over time. Brand tracking research gives marketers critical data they need to validate marketing strategies, improve competitive position, and ultimately build stronger brands. These studies can also quantify the gaps between what you hope to be known for and what actually sticks, and they can even help you set goals and track progress over time.

The down side of brand studies is cost. This kind of research is expensive, especially if conducted across multiple geographies in local languages. If you can band together with similar providers, however, your research investment will go much further. That’s where ITSMA’s Brand Tracking Study comes in. To help maximize the value from such a study, ITSMA facilitates collaboration among study sponsors to design the data collection process, interview guide, and reporting. Sponsors pool their ideas to identify their mutual or niche competitive sets, their targeted vertical markets, and other target audience characteristics, such as annual revenue, business or technical perspectives, and geographic reach.

Using a cost-sharing research platform, sponsors can measure and monitor the drivers of brand equity and market positioning among a larger pool of respondents, across a broader scope of geographies and industries, than might be feasible if they funded a private study on their own. Additionally, sponsors can see where they are making competitive strides in absolute terms and in relation to their competition.

ITSMA offers two levels of sponsorship. The higher level of investment returns a more personalized output, such as inclusion of a private question in the study to which only the investor receives the results. It’s like sponsoring a custom research engagement without footing the entire bill.

ITSMA’s multiclient studies have a long-standing reputation in the industry for quality and providing sponsors with actionable information. What does it really mean to stand apart from a crowded marketplace with a strong Brand Equity Index score? What opportunities come with an enviable Market Leadership Index score that shows customer confidence in your digital transformation capabilities? What leverage can you use in a competitive-bid situation if you know other bidders’ performance strengths and weaknesses? How credible is your claim of differentiation?

ITSMA is presently securing sponsorship for its 2015 Professional Services Brand Tracking study. The study will include up to 400 quantitative phone interviews with senior-level executives (director level and above) at large enterprises with responsibility for influencing or authorizing the purchase of sizable technology or professional services and solutions. The interviewees will represent two major buying audiences: business or functional executives and senior information technology executives.

For more information, please contact Julie Schwartz at +1 407-788-8220 or jschwartz@itsma.com.


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