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  • B2B Content Marketing: Good, But Can Always Get Better

    In ITSMA’s survey, senior executives who buy services and solutions valued at $500K or more recognize their solution providers for providing valuable content. Sixty-five percent (65%) agree or strongly agree that solution provider content provides valuable guidance, and 64% say the content is of excellent quality.

    by Julie Schwartz February 20, 2019 Read more
  • Are you the Incumbent? Don’t Become Complacent

    In a recent ITSMA survey of buyers of complex, high-consideration services and solutions, we learned a surprising fact: Buyers are casting a narrow net. We asked participants how many solution providers they researched for their most recent solution purchase. The mean number researched was only 3.6. Nearly two-thirds (65%) research only three solution providers and half of those considered only one!

    by Julie Schwartz February 13, 2019 Read more
  • Five Vital Themes for Marketing 2019

    ITSMA’s 2019 research and event themes for B2B services and solutions marketing leaders revolve around a key finding: marketers are gaining influence, expanding their scope, and adding more value to their business. This is what we see emerging from our various studies as well as from conversations with a wide range of thought leaders. We have distilled this research and input into the five vital themes that matter to our members.

    by Julie Schwartz February 5, 2019 Read more
  • The Power of Influence in B2B Marketing

    More B2B marketers are looking to influencer marketing to cut through the clutter with compelling and differentiated content. What is influencer marketing? In our latest Viewpoint, leading proponent Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing, explains that influencer marketing involves more than external, one-way communication. It is about engaging both internal and external industry experts who have active networks to co-create and share content for mutual benefit.

    by Julie Schwartz January 17, 2019 Read more
  • Finding the Right Cultural Balance for Digital Transformation

    According to Michael, “When there is so much complexity in the system, there is a great deal of value in simplicity. Clients buy based on culture. Cultural change is our clients’ biggest stumbling block as they try to achieve their own goals. Paying attention to culture when designing the work of marketing and structuring your team is critical. When you think about the culture dynamic first, it enables more decentralized work and makes marketing much more personal.”

    by Julie Schwartz Read more
  • Marketing for Digital Transformation: Who’s the Buyer?

    Business opportunities look enormous if you are a provider of services and solutions that can help companies with their digital transformation. As more and more companies look to digitize business processes and incorporate digital-based business models, they’re hungry for a broad range of new ideas, capabilities, and tools to accelerate change.

    by Julie Schwartz January 9, 2019 Read more
  • Global Providers Dominate in Brand Leadership for Digital Transformation

    As investments in digital transformation continue to mount, a handful of global solution providers have taken a clear lead in the minds of senior executive buyers at large enterprises, according to ITSMA’s 2018 Digital Transformation Brand Tracking Study.

    by Julie Schwartz October 9, 2018 Read more
  • Keeping Up with Digital Transformation: New Data for Marketers

    As B2B marketers shift ever more resources toward positioning themselves as leaders in digital transformation, keeping up with the actual state of the market is essential. Today’s reality, according to ITSMA’s 2018 Digital Transformation Brand Tracking Study, is that a majority of large and mid-sized companies have moved well beyond the testing/piloting stage.

    by Julie Schwartz September 18, 2018 Read more
  • Three Paths to Marketing Transformation

    We discovered that while many B2B marketing organizations feel a sense of urgency, they are still struggling to develop a comprehensive plan that encompasses all areas of the Market Maturity Model. Managing progress on all fronts while keeping the marketing engine humming along, ensuring customer and stakeholder satisfaction and meeting quarterly numbers is tough. Generally B2B marketing organizations are taking one of three paths to marketing transformation: random acts, methodical and steady, or big bang.

    by Julie Schwartz May 3, 2018 Read more
  • Marketing Maturity Model: A Roadmap for Marketing Renewal

    Transforming your marketing to survive and thrive in the digital future demands a fundamental reimagining of how marketing engages and adds value to a business. This excerpt from an ITSMA study, Accelerating Marketing Transformation with ITSMA’s Maturity Model, describes a model based on extensive research among members about how they are grappling with such big issues. The model can help marketing leaders begin to chart their own course toward maturity.

    by Julie Schwartz April 25, 2018 Read more
  • IBM Embraces the New Work of Marketing

    The New Work of Marketing initiative, begun in 2015, is transforming the way IBM’s 5,000 marketers around the world work. Success is now based on a deep understanding of the buyers’ role, their challenges, and their actual buying behavior. Displaying a comprehensive knowledge of products and services, and the ability to explain features and benefits, is no longer good enough for IBM marketers to succeed.

    by Julie Schwartz April 13, 2018 Read more
  • Personalized B2B Marketing? Almost (but not quite) There…

    This multinational buyer behavior study is an excellent starting point for uncovering answers for personalizing the customer experience. Augmenting that detailed data with agile ‘test and learn’ processes, along with valuable real-time data, will enable B2B marketers to get much further much faster.

    by Julie Schwartz April 9, 2018 Read more

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